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[Geographic Information Systems & Remote Sensing]
University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK
Courses included remote sensing (3), GIS (3), geostatistics, hydrology, geomorphology, satellite climatology, neural networks, and field work in the Greater Yellowstone area. GPA = 4.0
Metallurgical Engineering & Materials Science
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
One paper published in Scripta Metallurgica (Dec 1984).
Five conference presentations.
(1) Materials Science
(2) Mechanical Engineering
Rice University, Houston, TX
Double major.

Professional Employment
Group / Department
Senior Technical Advisor
[DoD Clearance]
Engineering Department
Nevada Automotive Test Center / Hodges Transportation
Carson City, NV
Image Analyst / Programmer
[DoD Clearance]
Reconnaissance & Analysis Group / IT Dept
DynCorp International / U.S. Dept of State Air Wing
Patrick AFB, FL
Research Assistant Geological & Environmental Sciences Dept Stanford University
Stanford, CA
GIS Consultant
National Computer Services / Las Vegas Valley Water District
Las Vegas, NV
Research Associate Geography Dept University of Idaho
Moscow, ID
Postgraduate Associate Remote Sensing Group Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Richland, WA
Graduate Research Assistant / Lab Assistant Geography Dept University of Oklahoma
Norman, OK
Research Scientist
[DoD Clearance]
Advanced Materials Group
Lockheed Aeronautical Systems Company
Valencia, CA
Specialist Engineer
[DoD Clearance]
Parts, Materials, & Processes Group
Boeing Aerospace Company
Seattle, WA
Graduate Research Assistant Metallurgical Engineering & Materials Science Dept Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA

Professional Accomplishments
Geospatial Problem Solving
  • Created original ArcGIS applications and converted ArcView/Avenue applications to ArcGIS/VB.NET and /VBA for the tasking of airborne image acquisition and agricultural spray patterns. Created and modified the functionality of DoS desktop ArcGIS applications to enable monitoring and analysis of clandestine crop cultivation, spraying, and intelligence operations.
  • Developed and modified a custom DoS web mapping application to enable users to add/edit/query features, and upload shapefiles, Excel files, and imagery.
  • Created a real time ArcView/Avenue/SQL application that enabled front-office personnel to access a district-wide database and modify fire hydrant locations and user information.
  • Developed an ArcView/Avenue application for spatial interpolation / modeling of soil moisture measurements from the Oklahoma Mesonet using soil and landuse data as additional inputs.
  • Devised a semi-automatic procedure for the conversion of datums, projections, and image formats (TIFF, GIF) of USGS Digital Ortho Quarter Quads (DOQQ) to a uniform system.
  • Generated image processing procedures for automatically identifying and locating individual banana plants in an irregular distribution from aerial photographs using "rotational filters" to detect radial symmetry within the images.
Geospatial Processing & Analysis
  • Evaluated imagery/video of clandestine crop cultivation using analytical and visual techniques in ArcGIS and Imagine
  • Performed change detection analysis on Landsat imagery using a decision tree classifier.
  • Wrote original Python scripts to enable users to perform editing and analytical tasks for video and image header files.
  • Member of the team that developed INSIDE -- an interactive, web-based geospatial and numeric database for the state of Idaho; including dynamic, multi-variable, exploratory data analysis. Developed an ArcView/Avenue demo package allowing analysis of banana crop density and distribution.
  • Wrote an automated database generation program which spatially and temporally coordinated precipitation values from the Oklahoma Mesonet (rain gage) and WSR-88D/NEXRAD radar data. Required the correlation and assembly of data from approximately 1500 files.
  • Devised a sub-pixel classification method for multispectral satellite and airborne imagery (Thematic Mapper and Daedalus Thematic Mapper Simulator). Applied it to sub-humid (southern Oklahoma) and semi-arid (New Mexico) environments.
Other Accomplishments (Materials Science)
  • Determined the crystal structure of a previously unknown phase in Al-Mg-Si-Cu alloys using electron imagery (transmission electron microscopy/diffraction). Published in Scripta Metallurgica (December 1984).
  • Analyzed the effects of elevated thermal excursions during welding on strengthening precipitates in commercial Al-Cu and Al-Mg-Si-Cu alloys.
  • Developed a computational technique for determining the approximate composition of Ti-Al binary alloys using data skewed by preferential sputtering.
  • Fabricated experimental metal-matrix composites.
Academic Papers
  • Doctoral Thesis: “An Investigation of the Microstructural Changes in the Heat Affected Zone of Age Hardenable Aluminum Alloys Using Transmission Electron Microscopy” (1983, Materials Science)
  • Published Paper: "Formation of a Modified β' Phase in Aluminum Alloy 6061", S.D. Dumolt, D.E. Laughlin, and J.C. Williams. Scripta Metallurgica, vol. 18, no. 12, pp. 1347-50 (Dec 1984)
  • Masters Thesis: “Sub-Pixel Spectral Analysis of the Grassland-to-Shrubland Transition During Rangeland Desertification” (1998, Geography)

Personal Information
  • Experienced US and international traveler -- 37 states and 19 foreign countries (mostly Europe).
  • Non-professional reading/learning interests include: photography, earth sciences (volcanology, seismology, paleontology, hydrology, etc.), global/regional topics, alternate energy, and American / European / Classical history.
  • Former (and hopefully future) rock climber, mountain hiker, and snow skier. Current conditioning activities are mountain hiking and bicycling.
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